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The ADE-100 is a small footprint, flexible process development platform designed for small pilot line and research institutes. It is built around a single ADE reactor. This reactor is similar to the one used in the industrial version of the tool, greatly facilitating the transition from laboratory development to production (Lab to Fab).

The tool can be fitted with automated loader/unloader in order to provide higher throughput. It is user friendly, and can be started very quickly, with typical etching / texturing process time duration of less than a minute. No vacuum nor plasma required, this dry etching tool is different from Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) tools.

" The ADE-100 tool provides Research Institutes with a dry etching process that is relevant for the PV industry; low COO and high industrial throughput."

Latest News

22/08/23 Selective etching for Advanced TOPCON & IBC

The ADE process meets the selective etching requirements of upcoming "Advanced TOPCON" solar cell architectures and IBC.

14/11/22 ADE for TOPCON cells - EUPVSEC 2022

In Milan's conference, Fraunhofer ISE presented its latest TOPCON cell developments, featuring ADE poly etching.

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> Quick startup - Easy maintenance

Once the tool is at process temperature, the process can start and it will deliver stable results immediatly. The process gases are accurately controlled by Mass Flow Meters. As soon as the wafers come out of the tool, they can be used for the next processing step; Quick and efficient etching, for either just a few wafers, or larges batches ! The tool is also  designed for easy maintenance and acces to the chemical reactor.

> Scalable platform : Lab to Fab

Easy process transition to industrial (multi-lanes) version of the tool


Universal silicon etching/texturing solution. Enables the use of diamond wire cut wafers, epitaxial wafers, cast wafers, mono and multi crystalline. Also suitable for Si deposited layers, like amorphous silicon (a-Si) and polysilicon layers. 


> Compact footprint

* Shown with fully automated loaders

> Multiple Development & Applications

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Poly-Si wrap around removal r&d demo

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