Industrial tool

Our industrial tools incorporate the ADE technology in order to deliver throughput values beyond the current industry roadmap. UNIVERSAL etching and texturing equipment and process for any type of silicon wafer or layer; a trully future-proof solution.

Our tools are designed using multiple parallel lines of processing and atmospheric pressure chemical reactors similar to the one used in our development tool. The industrial process is facilitated by the use of on-site generation of the etching gas, providing 100% concentration and delivering low cost of ownership.

Latest News

25/03/21 SiPV 2021 + nPV Workshop - conference

We will be attending the online SiPV + nPV Workshop conference, hosted by the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) from the 19-23 of April 2021.

19/03/21 Fraunhofer ISE integrates ADE + TOPCON

Fraunhofer ISE institute to publish their TOPCON + ADE process at EUPVSEC 2021 Lisbon.

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This tool was designed for single side etching of poly-silicon layers, especially for TOPCON solar cells and other advanced solar cell architectures.

The ADE SS Poly-ETCH can remove selectively and at very high etch rate the few hundreds of nanometres of a-Si or poly-silicon from one side of the wafer.


> Very small footprint

Modular multi-lanes configurations. 


> ADE SS nano-TEX

This tool was designed for single side texturing of silicon wafers. The ADE SS nano-TEX can texture ANY type of Si wafers, removing only a small amount of silicon. 

Low reflectivity texture:  Outperforming industry standards with wafer surface reflectivity Rw values adjustable to lower levels.

In-line, scalable process

Inline process, high throughput, and on-site generation of etching gases facilitate scalability of the manufacturing process.

NO Green House Gases

Improves the overall sustainability of the manufacturing process; process without any Green House Gases (GHG)resulting in Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Mask-less, single-side processing

The wafer's rear side is preserved. Enables advanced cell architectures, simplify process flow, whilst also reducing processing costs.

Universal, futur-proof Silicon dry etch

Universal silicon etching/texturing solution. Enables the use of diamond wire cut wafers, epitaxial wafers, cast wafers, mono and multi crystalline. Also suitable for Si deposited layers, like amorphous silicon (a-Si) and polysilicon layers.


R&D tool


Industrial tool

Industrial ADE dry etching tool: FUTURE-PROOF SOLUTION